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Watch the ideo "How to Sculpt a Bust with Modeling Clay: Supplies for Sculpting Clay", uploaded onto YouTube on 14/03/2008 by expertvillage (

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Below you have some excerpts from the video script. Fill in the gaps (only 1 word per gap) as you listen once again. 
  • Hi, welcome to making a out of clay.

  • My name is David and we’re going to go over the you’re going to need for this project.

  • I’ve got a big of white clay that you can get from your local art store and I’ve got a here to keep my hands clean and I’ve already cut off some clay here.

  • We’ve got a , got a clay cutting , I’ve got a clay , a rib, a and a couple other.

  • So I’ve also got a here full of water.

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