Article: Use of Light in Photography

Read the webpage below, published by Richard Schneider (, and then do the exercises that follow.
iDevice icon Match the definitions with words from the text
Find the words in the above webpage that correspond to these definitions. Source: WordReference

1. To photograph or film a scene: to
2. To cause light or shadow to appear on a surface: to
3. A camera setting corresponding to a particular f-number (the f-number is the ratio of the focal length of a camera lens to the diameter of the aperture being used for a particular shot):
4. A circular opening that limits the quantity of light that can enter a camera:
5. The dark shape and outline of someone or something visible in restricted light against a brighter background:
6. A three-legged stand for supporting a camera:


iDevice icon Find the equivalent terms in English
What do you call the following words in English? Find the equivalent terms in the text.
1. exposición (tiempo que el material fotosensible es expuesto a la luz):
2. sobreexpuesto:
3. subexpuesto:
4. velocidad de obturación:
5. exposímetro integrado: -
6. atardecer:
7. luz frontal: -
8. contraluz: -
9. flash de relleno: -

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